2014 Afghanistan Presidential Election: An Ethnic Analysis

The April 5th presidential election could be a milestone for the democratization of Afghanistan, marking the first time in its history that an elected president will be replaced by another one. But if things do not go as planned, the consequences for security and stability in the country will be devastating. The presidential election and the transition will overlap, and both of these processes are key to securing a better future for Afghanistan. In this respect, this article will firstly review the early election process in comparison to previous ones. Secondly, the electoral system will be explained. Later on, the 2009 presidential election will be assessed in order to derive lessons from the mistakes that led to a disappointing failure of electoral process. The next section will focus on the upcoming election, mainly in relation to the frontrunners from an ethnic point of view. The conclusion will review the recent positive developments and recommendations for a free, fair and transparent election.

Authors: Salih Doğan