After the 2013 Azerbaijani Presidential Elections: Challenges and Expectations

As predicted, Azerbaijan’s presidential elections on October 9, 2013, saw a clear victory by the incumbent, President Ilham Aliyev. The election results bolster public and international confidence in the continuation of the current political and economic policies of the country. There have been no serious challenges to the country’s leadership, and in this sense, there are no factors that could somehow affect the situation. At the same time, the country’s agenda over the next five-year presidential term will be defined by new expectations. Along with the preservation of stability in the country and the implementation of infrastructure projects, the leadership will see new challenges associated with improving living conditions and increasing involvement in the international arena. Through economic development and the implementation of international projects, Azerbaijan has become an important regional actor. In this regard, new areas of activity are emerging. It is therefore necessary to carry out a series of measures and reforms to prepare for the new challenges that Azerbaijan may face in the near future. This article analyzes Azerbaijan’s social, political and economic trajectory in the post-election period, defining the key parameters of national development.

Authors: Rovshan Ibrahimov