Forging the future of the Caucasus: The past 20 years and its lessons

On June 28th 2012, Caucasus International (CI), the Baku-based Center for Strategic Studies (SAM), and Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) held a conference entitled “Forging the future of the Caucasus - the past 20 years and its lessons” in Baku with the participation of Dr. Alexander Rondeli (Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies), Professor Gerard Libaridian (Michigan University), and Azerbaijani MP Dr. Rasim Musabeyov. The panelists spoke initially about the historical, social, economic, and political independence experiences of their respective countries: Alexander Rondeli on Georgia, Gerard Libaridian on Armenia, and Rasim Musabeyov on Azerbaijan. With reference to these experiences and the lessons learned, the speakers speculated on development of both regional and domestic politics within the South Caucasus.