How Can Afghanistan Cope with the Challenges Facing Its State and Society After 2014?

Afghanistan’s development is undermined by the convergence of demographic, social, economic, and of course, political challenges. However, an examination of the figures released by the IMF, the World Bank, the EIU, and the Asian Development Bank and others, reveal the potential of Afghanistan’s future. Security will be the country’s core issue after 2014; there will be a host of security-related challenges. Opportunities, however, remain. In this article a summary of Afghanistan’s political history will be followed by data and analysis on the economic opportunities within the country. The author attempts to answer the question posed in the title: “how can Afghanistan cope with the challenges facing its state and society after 2014?”In investigating whether there are any ways to develop and revitalize Afghanistan and Afghan society after decades of war, the focus of the article will shift from the current situation to the country’s positive opportunities. The author concludes with recommendations for improving the country’s image.

Authors: Gülay Mutlu