International Aid to Afghanistan and Its Importance in the Post-2014 Era

After almost 35 years of war, the Afghan economy is extremely fragile, and the country’s future is mainly dependent on international aid. According to the World Bank, foreign aid has generated the majority of Afghanistan’s GDP over the last decade. The political and security uncertainties that the country now faces, represented by the upcoming presidential election and Transition Process respectively, could jeopardize its progress. Therefore, this article will first of all provides insights into the security handover period and its possible effects on the Afghan economy, by establishing a connection between security and economic concerns. The importance of the international aid received by Afghanistan to date is explained, in light of the need to create a self-sufficient Afghanistan by the end of the Transformation Decade. In this regard, the analysis will present recommendations on what the international community should do after 2014, and how to use the international aid efficiently.

Authors: Salih Doğan