Nuclear Rapprochement over Iran: Russia’s Approach

The article reviews the current situation around the Iranian nuclear crisis and assesses the possibility of its regulation based on an analysis of the talks held between the six world powers and Iran in Istanbul, Baghdad and Moscow in 2012. The article focuses on what factors are facilitating or hindering the negotiation process. The research emphasizes the importance of achieving a mutually acceptable compromise based on a short timeline. The compromise may involve the limitation of uranium enrichment on the one hand, and relaxation of financial and economic sanctions against Iran on the other. This will allow an extension of IAEA inspection activities, which will increase the level of mutual confidence. Otherwise, the nuclear crisis will continue to escalate, and the talks will be suspended for at least 18 months. The article shows that the use of force against Tehran would not solve the problem. The simplicity of such an action is deceptive. The repercussions will be severe, primarily for the neighboring states.

Authors: Vladimir Yevseyev