Colloquy with Eugene Seah - Azerbaijan: A Linchpin for Eurasian Transportation and Transit Routes

Azerbaijan is located in the crossroads of international trade and is a potential hub for the international transportation routes, as well as region it is located. Its location, abundance of natural resources and dynamic new generation will help to realize hub vision. Strategic location and new infrastructure will allow Port of Baku to become a transit and logistics hub in Eurasia within One Belt, One Road project. According to the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev on the “Construction of the New Baku International Sea Trade Port Complex’’ signed on 18 March of 2007, the design and, aftermath, the construction of the new port started 70 kilometers away from Baku in the Alat settlement. The construction of the Port of Baku complies with “Azerbaijan 2020: LOOK INTO THE FUTURE vision” concept for the country’s holistic development strategy. The new port will promote Azerbaijan as a hub destination between major markets such as China, Turkey, Iran and Russia and dramatically reduce product transit times. In total, cargo will be able to be transported from China to Europe, via the Port of Baku, in less than two weeks. This is the shortest and fastest trade route available today between China and Europe.