Colloquy with Novruz Mammadov - Crises of International Law and Governance: Causes and Consequences

Nowadays we are witnessing serious crisis of international law and governance. It is the major crisis of international legal system that emerged from the horrors of the World War II and aimed at adhering justice, preventing aggressions and protecting victims. Weaknesses of international law and international organizations in preventing illegal wars and aggression or in finding mediated solutions are ostensible. Neither International Courts nor United Nations seem able to deter aggressions, restore justice and punish aggressors. The major powers are demonstrating a differentiated and selective approach to the same type of problems across the world. Double standards, the use of international law and the international organizations as an instrument for implementing national foreign policies has become prevalent. CI Journal discussed the current crisis of international law and governance with Dr. Novruz Mammadov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Head of the Foreign Relations Department.