Taking responsibility for our own problems and our own solutions

Professor Gerard Libaridian puts forth an interesting and important thesis on conflict resolution, namely that seems that the conflicts in the region are used as a means of pursuing national geopolitical and strategic interests. He stresses that it has been a question of whose peace it will be, and asks, “What if a peace, with its underlying conditions, poses a threat to one of the major mediators?” There is a tendency to blame problems on a “bad neighborhood”- but every country believes its neighborhood is problematic – and all blame the other countries. This article focuses on the problems that the Caucasian states have faced during last 20 years, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The article emphasizes that mentalities and behaviors do not change at the same rate as laws and regimes in countries; the implementation of very good laws is often hampered by the inability of those responsible for the execution of these law to fully internalize the spirit of the laws and what such laws intended to achieve. The article also calls for the republics to take responsibility for the future of the region.

Authors: Gerard Libaridian