Use of Soft Power in Tandem with Economic Expansion: Examining the Case of Chinese Soft Power in South Caucasus

This article examines the use of soft power in China’s foreign policy concerning the South Caucasian countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia) that are involved, though to varying degrees, in Beijing’s giant economic project called Belt and Road. It looks into China’s soft power strategy in general and its role in the South Caucasus in particular, occasionally compares this strategy with those of the Western powers and Russia in the region, and defines the peculiarities of Chinese soft power in the countries of the region. Extensively analysing news media articles, official statements by local and Chinese leaders, academic materials, and other sources, the article suggests answers to the research question: How does China use soft power as an instrument in its foreign policy regarding the three South Caucasian countries?

Authors: Vasif Huseynov